Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC

We are a full service accounts receivables company. We offer 3rd party collections, 1st party collections, invoicing, credit reporting, and legal forwarding of accounts. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and performance building lasting relationships with our clients. Our entire operation reflects our Midwest values from start to finish.

With over 50+ years of collection experience across a variety of industries, you know your debt collections are being handled by passionate professionals. Our agents are experts at maximizing the recoveries for your company. We also use the latest training and technology to secure the receivables for your business in a safe and legal way.

Genuine Partners In Your Success.

Why Us

When you choose Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC (MFS) as your debt collection managers, you can rest assured that your receivables are being managed by veterans in the debt collection industry. Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC has experience in many niche industries such as: medical and dental, finance, education, small business and many more.


Debt collection laws are heavily regulated and are continually changing. When you choose MFS, you can have confidence that we will maintain strict compliance with all governing laws and regulations, and in so doing, protect the interests of both consumers and creditors. Additionally, MFS adheres to ACA International’s stringent code of ethics in an effort to promote fair and honest asset receivables collection practices and legal debt collection process.


Finally, MFS employs a tenured staff of professionals that are committed to excellence.  Their agents are fully trained (FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, HIPAA) and updated immediately upon any industry variances to keep up with the evolving world of receivables management. Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC provides continual feedback to their agents to assist them in their efforts to provide the best experience possible for both consumers and creditors. MFS takes pride in creating a positive experience with the individuals and organizations they are recovering from. Our agents prove that it is possible to successfully recover delinquent accounts compliantly and compassionately without using intimidating tactics. At Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC, we strive to   create a true resolution focused environment that benefits both the individual and our client.

Capable & Experienced Staff

Our Team

Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC is committed to providing our clients with a staff that is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest industry best practices and ever-evolving regulations. We believe the only way to be better at what we do is to invest heavily in staying ahead of the curve through our own tenured experience, trade associations, and participating in industry peer groups.


The leadership at MFS is an integral part of daily operations.  They work hand in hand with agents, clients and vendors to ensure success.  Everyone working at Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC began their career as an agent collecting debts and gained valuable knowledge from this real world experience. This experience has been the bedrock on which our company has been built. The success and knowledge we have gained throughout the years is present in the dedicated staff that makes up a passionate team at Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC.


With Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC, you know you are dealing with a company that truly values the relationships we build and strive to be a genuine partner in your success. Business is built on relationships and the team at Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC will do everything within our power to foster and grow that relationship in every interaction. Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC continues a mutually prosperous relationship with their very first client to this day!

Training and Experience

We are proud of the compliance and risk mitigation management systems that we have built. Before our agents are allowed to make their first call they are certified as a professional debt collector. They are extensively trained on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and various state regulations. We don’t stop there. We provide ongoing monthly remedial training with daily questions designed to keep our agents minds fresh. We track cumulative scores and provide any feedback or coaching as necessary. Simply following the rules are not enough. We continuously coach and provide feedback, using specific call examples, how to interact with compassion, and respectfully as for the money. Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC has one of the best continual training programs in the industry.

Our training staff has access to call results almost real-time utilizing call analytics, data analytics, and call coaching software scripting. Midwest Fidelity has partnered with the industries leading technology providers to provide 100% oversite to our management for lightning fast reactions to real-time situations.

We take pride in setting the standard that collections can be done through the guidelines of the law, with compassion and get results!

Ready To Collect?

We understand that choosing the right collection agency can be difficult. Of all things we understand money does not grow on trees. We will work diligently to get your debt recovered in a timely fashion by using all of the resources at our disposal to facilitate a resolution.

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