It is important to utilize the data available for us to make better decision and doing that manually is a tedious and time consuming. We utilize IDAP®, a customizable data analytics product offered by Provana to use our data in the best possible way. The reports and dashboards let us view the data in a visually impactful way which helps us in taking better business decisions and finding areas of improvement. The automated reports provide us the updated data, saving our time to analyze the information underneath and track all aspects of the business including agency revenue, forecast, inventory management, performance management and process tracking. It gives the ability to track all relevant data points at one place making it the center solution for reporting. The reports can be customized to present the data to the internal as well as external users to have a better understanding of the agency’s overall value.
  1. Utilization of the complete inventory to get historical trends to generate the data based factual business decisions.
  2. Complete overview of each aspect of the business.
  3. No manual needs to create and maintain the reports overtime saving resource time for analysis of the data.
  4. Near real time reports and dashboards keeping everyone up to date and on the same page.
  5. Using the data to get the areas of improvement in the business and tracking the strategy change overtime with the tool.


We leverage ICAP®, a speech analytics platform offered by Provana, that automatically monitors and objectively scores 100% of our calls. The platform eliminates need for randomly picking calls and manually scoring them. Through interactive reports, QA staff is more optimally utilized in remediating the findings and ensuring adherence to regulatory and client defined guidelines. Apart from compliance, the tool also helps in tracking, and continuously improving, agent performance as it relates to their productivity and overall effectiveness when talking to a consumer and above all it’s customizable per the process requirements.

Real-Time Call Coaching Software

We use Balto’s A.I. call coaching software to help us collect more and collect compliantly. Balto automatically detects compliance violations and common objections during phone calls and visually coaches our agents to take corrective action or suggests compliant rebuttals before the end of the call. Balto not only helps us uphold the highest quality and compliance standards in the industry, but they also allows us to coach every call! In the past we would need an almost 1:1 coaching to agent ratio to have this type of oversight. Balto’s intuitive reporting also provides managers near real-time reporting for additional in person coaching and/or feedback. Let Midwest Fidelity Services put our innovative partnerships to work for you today!

Omni Channel Communications

Communication is the key factor to recovering delinquent assets. At Midwest Fidelity Services, LLC we compliantly employ a full omni channel approach to communications. We ensure the preferred channels are available to the accounts we are servicing to increase the chance of engagement. We continually gather Right Party conversions data so we can tweak strategies by service level requests, demographics, compliance, preference, and many more data points! Our strategies include but not limited to: Letters, email, 2-way SMS (text messaging), chat, outbound dialing strategies, inbound IVR.

Ready To Collect?

We understand that choosing the right collection agency can be difficult. Of all things we understand money does not grow on trees. We will work diligently to get your debt recovered in a timely fashion by using all of the resources at our disposal to facilitate a resolution.

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